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11 June 2011 @ 04:15 pm
So I dont really get on here often. I have been hooked to tumblr. xD Where i save and save and save.

It has no end. xD

So 23,000 pics later....

Im here to report that Ill still be on here, I swear. Just not as much.
As you may have noticed. xD


Yes Im obsessed with the reaction gifs now. xD
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04 May 2011 @ 12:41 am

So, I had this dream right? It was about 2 weeks ago I think? I forgot to post this.... soooooooo heres a drabble of what happened in my dream:

A cool breeze brought the smell of salt as you buried your feet into the sand. The beach was nearly deserted, only a few were out today. The sound of crashing waves almost made you miss the sound of a gentle sigh.

He sat there, motionless and serene, while the wind softly tousled his rusty brown hair. His sad eyes stared off into the distance, dazed in a far distant memory. He seemed to clear some of the thoughts in his head, as his gaze slowly turned to you.

"Joon, are you ok?" Your face scrunches in concern for your boyfriend. A simple, light nod and a soft smile let you know that he wasn't completely telling the truth.

He walked over to where you were sitting and wrapped his arms around your waist. His chin rested on your shoulder, nestling his head comfortably against yours. His lips briefly brushed a soft kiss on your neck.

"It's been a year already. Did you realize?" You noticed his breath hitch and his voice was slightly strained.

You turned slightly toward him to try to look at his expression, but he tightened his grip on your waist, letting you know to not turn around.

"Mmm. I did."

His hand travelled slowly to your face. You leaned back into him and closed your eyes as he lightly stroked the scar on your forehead.

"Mianhe." He whispered.


~*~One Year Ago~*~

The wind whipped your hair as you cheered in the passenger seat. Joon's smile lit up his whole face as he watched you cheer.

"IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL TODAY! GYAHHH!" You raised your arms and waved them wildly.

The red convertible's soft top was down, the weather was perfect, and you were with the one person that made you feel alive and beautiful.

He laughed at your craziness and started to cheer as well. Twin yells drifted through the wind, as you both yelled/sang to the song playing on the radio. You were smiling at each other and laughing, when you both jolted at the of the horn blaring from ahead of you.

Joon saw the car swaying in front of you, but the car swerved into a truck in the opposite lane. The sound of metal scraping on metal rang in your ears as the brakes squealed.  Joon tried to turn to prevent from smashing into the two vehicles, but it was too late.

He turned and looked into your horror filled eyes as the convertible slammed into the remains of the other cars.


"Jabal... Wake up...please..." Your mind drifted as Joon's face blurred in and out of focus.

Were you alive? The pain slowly pulsing through your head told you that you were. Also, the voice pleading for you to wake up was a sign. You felt his smooth hands shaking on your cheeks. He had you curled into his lap, where you felt comfortable and safe.

You slowly reached up to wipe a tear from his face, as he rocked you back and forth. Shock and relief washed over his face. He gently wiped the sticky blood that was dripping down from a cut on your forehead.

"Mianhe. Mianhe. I'm so sorry."



"You know, it's not your fault." You whispered.

"I know. I almost lost you that day. I never want to feel that way again." He borrowed his head into your neck. You felt his tears fall onto your shirt. Your chest tightened and your eyes started to fill with tears.

"Joon, you'll never lose me. Yaksoka." You hugged his arms that were still wrapped around you. Tears threatened to fall, but you somehow kept them contained.

"I will always be here to protect you. You'll stay forever by my side?" His voice faltered at the end with a tinge of worry within in.

"Forever and ever after." A smile spread across your face as you leaned your head back to kiss him. You felt his lips curve as he pulled you even closer.

He gently kissed your forehead and feathered kisses down to your lips again.

“Yea, I like the sound of forever.”

Ok, so that was an EXTENDED version of my dream. Not EVERYTHING happened that way, but a lot did. Like:

~ My dream actually ending there - FALSE. [It ended when he kissed my forehead. My dad woke me up DDDD8]

~ Joon kissing me: TRUE

~ Being at the beach: FALSE. [we were on a motherfuckinBOAT]

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14 April 2011 @ 01:12 am
So I honestly didnt even realize how long its been since I updated this LJ. Oopies. xD So heres my update:

What have you been up to these past couple months:
  • Being hopelessly addicted to Kpop. xD Its seriously a problem. xD
  • Homework. Youtube. xD
  • School. [These teachers are seriously cold-blooded this year. They're going to kill us. xD]
  • Work. [Well.... work is work. I can complain, but I don't feel like it. xD Too lazy, and it'll just make me angry.]
  • Vidding. [This is pretty much what I do with my free time nowadays.]
    • Collabs --> I somehow became addicted to these because I can never finish a full vid. >.>
  • Dramas!
    • Dream High is my new fav! Yushyushyush. WATCH IT. DO ET. xD
    • Currently watching 49 Days. OMO Its so amazing! The concept is really interesting. Def check it out yo~ *Insert Koki-Kick*
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25 November 2010 @ 12:02 am

So about how the best night of my life was: November 21, 2010.

Jin's Yellow Gold concert in NYC!!!!!!!!

Let me tell you... its Weds now and I still am on a concert high. xD
The lights, the music, the Jin... EVERYTHING was so perfect.
I was sick but that didnt matter.
I still screamed the best I could... even if I croaked. xD

So Im going to describe the best I can on the line up:

First [after the intro with Juice and John] it started with 'Christmas Morning' with 'Eternal's' paino music.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Yellow Gold tour 3010. Weather Sunny. Alcohol ready. Time to partyyyyyyyy"
His little robot dance was too cute. <3 He hardcore rocked out on the drums. Which was made even cooler when the lights went out and his drumsticks glowed. 8D But there were these freaky manequins... they were bizarre. xD

Next, 'Bass Go Boom' ...... DUDE. All I can say is this song is made for a club or my car. xDDD Its so much fun to dance to. CLAP CLAP CLAP xD Then we had 'Wonder' which isnt my fav but good. "I.N.P" INTERNATIONAL PARTY YO~  boy was I dancing in my seat. xDDD We then got to SCREAM our heads off for 'A Page' At that point I was so excited... I was nudging shelby and sarah and smiling like a fool. xD

Ok and thennnnnn they had this text thing. Where you pick a number and all this other jazz. And your final number should be 1. But it was cute and called some people slow and yush. I enjoyed that. xD

'Oo Wah' was fun, but again not my fav. Unless Im remembering it wrong xD Which I prob am. xD

During the MC, he messed up on his little engrishhhh. He was trying to say 'about' but kept saying 'but' and it was all cute. xDDD

'Body Talk' was pretty smexy and pretty, naturally. <3 Then my second favorite song of the night came on. 'The Fifth Season' I can not tell you how much I truly adore that song. It L O V E. <3 The power, emotion, and just stage presence he had while singing it was overwhelming, I was like O_O

And then.... it was 'Paparats' OMG GUYS. This song... its pure... idontevenknow. Its AMAZING. He was hardcore rocking out... and I was DYING. Def my 3rd fav. xD  Then 'Hey Girl' came on. Not too big on this song... but this guy named Shunpei came up behind Jin and touched his collarbones and Jin nearly fell over. I LOVE HIS WEIRD COLLARBONE THING xD

'World Dance...thing' again... dont really think that was was that great.... but still dancable. xD 'Yellow Gold' is seriously an addicting song. I really like it. <3 The lights for this one were pretty nifty. Ok so THIS ..... 'My MP3' was pretty awesome. Everyone was dancing and really into it. I def hope that one is on his single.

Last song was 'Tipsy Love' which is such a fantastical song. I really love the fan interaction with that song. It was really lovely. xD So he wrapped up with that song and did a final thanks to the other dancers and MC people. And left.... so we stood there for about 10 minutes calling for an encore. xDDD Guess whattttttttttt!!!!!!

HE CAME BACK OUT. 8DDDDDDDD We were the only concert that he came back out and did an encore. And get this... he said.... something along the lines of: "It's a special occasion this time, since it's the last concert. So, he'd sing the song that is going to be release in Japan as his new single soon. I don't know if you guys'll like it, it's Japanese so..."  and the crowd went ABSOLUTELY wild!!! He began to sing 'Eternal' and my heart just about melted.

GOOD LORD this man stole my heart. It was just so amazing.
Shelby cried. I came VERY close to crying.

Then he left. And we left the theather room.... and Jessi touched a hot Japanese guy.... 3 times. xDDD I died laughing. Then we got out of the concert.... and I couldnt breathe. xD It was such a rush, and we ran up a bunch of stairs.... sick-non-able-to-breathe people.... do not take the stairs. xD We got back to Wilmington about 1/130am. I was pretty beat but didnt end up going to bed until 330 xDDD I was too excited.

Thats about it. The best night of my life in summary. xD

PS: Ive officially decided that it may have been the best for everyone that Jin left KAT-TUN. I miss them being together but Jin has a different style on how he wants to approach his music. So I think instead of always clashing, I think he can succeed as a solo artist. KAT-TUN can thrive without him also. Its sad, but they can do it. I know I love their new single. <3 CHANGE UR WORLDDDDD.
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27 October 2010 @ 10:22 am

Ok so Ive been trapped on Youtube for a long while. Ive been vidding a lot more than I used to. Im really trying to get better. Ill post some of my newer stuff soon. ANYWAYS, everyone has been making christmas wishlists and I was reading some and thinking about what to do. I read one of Ninas [Nyiilicious] and decided I was going to start with granting one of her wishes.

The wish: 'A HOT HOT HOT Kim Hyun Joong icon especially made for me :D'
The response:

[There are 62 icons here, you have to scroll down the table. Its weird. I know. Sorries. >.> LJ hates me]

Yea. I went icon crazy. xDDD I started with saving a few and then yea..... oh well. She was EXTREMEMLY happy to get them so Im happy. 8D

What do you guys think? I miss LJ. D8 I need to get back on here more frequently. I am redo-ing that JE survey I took a long time ago. So Ill post that soon!!! Along with the newer vids.

Quick announcement: JIN CONCERTTTTTT. I AM GOING. 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Im VERY VERY excited. I'll try to sneak some pics, but the last concert was a very STRICT no camera policy. Soooo. I hope they have merchandise. xD
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14 August 2010 @ 08:57 pm

This is for Shelby! Im sorry its so late. >.<


"You pwomise you'll be back wite?"Collapse )


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07 August 2010 @ 05:21 pm

Its my Poppop's Birthday, though hes no longer here, I wanted to say Happy Birthday. I miss him terribly. =[

Day 5: Your favorite j-drama actress


Day 6: Your favorite j-pop song from your favorite group

5x10 by Arashi. That still never fails to bring tears to my eyes. These boys have been through some great 10 years. Im sure they will continue to have more amazing years to come. Theyre music just keeps getting better.

This is my fav fanvid of that song. She [TenjoStyle] doesnt allow embedded vids, so heres a link:

Day 7: A j-pop song that makes you cry

Doushite Kimi wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattandarou by THSK/DBSK

Day 05 - Favorite Arashi no Shukudai-kun moment

Cat vs Dog Skit

Because Ohno likes that cats go Nya Nya! XDDD <3

Day 06 - Favorite Engrish


Day 07 - Quote from a non-single song (album and B-side only)

I blame Shelby from sending me the lyrics....
holy crap this song is SEXY. Mada Ue Wo by Arashi
Heres a verse .... XD Credit to: denise_dinc 

(Oh)カラだが目覚めれば Over the boarder 恐いものはないさ
karada ga mezamereba Over the boarder kowai mono wa nai sa
As long as the body is awake, there’s nothing to be afraid of over the boarder

刻む時間(He~y) 夢心地(He~y) ずっと(ずっと) 探して(探して)
kizamu toki yumegokoji zutto sagashite
In the dreamy state of mind, forever searching for time which kept ticking away

(Oh)カラだが欲しがれば Over the border 同じ夢の在処
karada ga hoshigareba Over the boarder onaji yume no arika
If you want my body, the whereabouts of the same dream is over the boarder

包むように(He~y) 見つめたい(He~y) Drive me(drive me)crazy(crazy)
tsutsumu you ni mitsumetai Drive me crazy
I want to see you wrapped around me, drive me crazy

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04 August 2010 @ 09:29 pm

So I didnt mention what I got for my bday.


1. Sho Plushie and Fic!!!!! SHELBY MADE IT. 8OOOOO Its so beyond awesome and amazing... that I have no words. I had a "8D" face I think when I saw it. xD

Ill post a pic of it soon. And the fic? I Flailed. And seizured a bit. xD I keep re-reading it. Over and over. *day dreams of a date with Shoooo*

2. A Banner from Karen!!!!!!! Its so fantastic that I hug my computer everytime I see it. I think she was writing me a bday fic. Which she keeps insisting it sucks, BUT IT WONT. None of her fics suck.

3. Bree made me a Bday Vid! =D Lookkkkk all my favs: 8D


Day 4: Memes, Plus VID SPAM XDCollapse )


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03 August 2010 @ 11:59 am

HEY! SAY! JUMP Member You’d Love to be with YOU for Today.



Stolen with love from HikarinoNiji

1. Study with…
Hmm, definitely Inoo. He's smarttttt. So I'd go with him. And maybe he wouldn't be too mean if I'm like... "Can you repeat that... again."

2. Shopping with …
Yamada or Hikaru. I love both of their fashions. I realize that they have outfits picked out for them most of the time, but I like almsot every outfit Ive seen. Plus, theyre so goofy, itd be fun to run around the store. xD

3. Go to Salon with…
Hm... Takaki. He has really nice hair... or Hikaru. xD

4. 1st "free hug" with
8DDDD Hikaru please?

6. Cook with…
Hm. Thats tough. Ryutaro. Because he likes food, a lot. xD

7. Playing skating with…
Kisumai.... I mean... from what I read, Daiki skateboards? So I'll go with that. xD

8. Debate with…
Id absolutely FAIL at debating so Keito because he can speak English XD

9. Holiday with...
I think a holiday with Yabu would be fun. =]

10. Get treat by…
I'd say Hikaru. He'd be cheeky about it. XD

11. Get praise from…
Yabu. No lie. He seems so together? I think Id be very proud of myself if I got praised by him.

12. Eat Ice Cream with…
Hikaru. <3

13. Act together with…
Hikaru. Dude... Orthros... he did such an amazing job. I cried when I thought he died. xD

14. Battle skill with…
Battle skill with? Ok, Shelbs was right. This question is awkward. Soccer with Yabu, yo. I suck at soccer, but itd be fun.

15. I want…
to meet them sooo frickin badly.

16. Exchange Present with…
Yamada. He seems like he'd pick something sweet. <3

17. Exchange diary with…
Yuto. I honestly dont know too much about him. I'd like to know more. =]

18. Make a bento for…
Ryutaro. Because again, he loves food. So Im sure he'd eat it all. xD Plus, Hikaru doesnt eat much >_>

19. Dating with…
Hikaru... or Yabu... or Inoo. 8DDD

20. Be a model with…
Id feel too.... not girl-ish with Inoo since hes so pretty... so Yamada or Hikaru. Id love to make goofy faces with them. Itd be a lot of fun =D

Itunes Meme:
Stolen from Hikarinoniji who stole it from: crazy_otaku911

How many total songs?
1457 songs. 3.7 days total.

Sort by song title – First and Last…
A.Ra.Shi - Arashi
7 Things - Miley Cyrus

Sort by Time – Shortest and Longest…
"Chotto Matte Kudasai" Kame audio clip from One Pound Gospel [0:02]
Bokutachi Kara Kimi e - HSJ [11:36] 8D

Sort by Album – First and Last…
Aleyna's Christmas Gift. [Its a playlist of Japanese Christmas Songs]
5x5 The Best Selection [Arashi]

Sort by Artist – First and Last…
A.R, Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho
3Oh!3 - Starstrukk

Top Five Most Played Songs…
This isn't very accurate since I just let itunes play overnight....

TiK ToK - Ke$ha [133]
Need You Now - Lady Antebellum [115]
Kristy, Are You doing Okay? - The Offspring [98]
You're Gonna Go Far Kid - The Offspring [96]
Tangled up in Me - Skye Sweetnam [94]

Find the following words. How many songs show up?
Sex: 2, Death: 0, Love: 106, You: 188, Home: 5, Boy: 36, Girl: 65

First five songs that come up on Shuffle…
Ai no Bakudan - B'z
Hatenaki Sora - Kanjani8
But I Love You - Big Bang
Oh! Enka - Kanjani8
Sunset Glow - Big Bang

Somehow... its all asian songs xDDD Kanjani8 and Big Bang.... win? xD

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03 August 2010 @ 10:37 am


Day 1: Your favorite j-pop group

Arashi. They never fail to make me smile. The group as a whole could just be standing there, and the corners of my mouth curve into a smile. They genuinely make me happy. xD They're music is like the perfect mood booster. From their tacky weird plastic outfits to their classy suits, these boys are all around the best group ever formed.



Day 2: Your ultimate j-pop bias


Sho Sakurai or Kamenashi Kazuya.
[Yea. Im officially DEAD. xD]

If I see them, I instantly go watch or listen to the clip. xD Its an addition. Not only are they sexy manbeasts, but the personalities... they win. Sho is full of fail and dorkiness. But he is our super smart newscaster, Keio Boy. Kame on the other hand... he is a dork, but in a less... fail-kind of way. xD I love watching his reactions to different things. Like his knee slap and foot stomp are the cutest things to watch when he laughs. xD Also, he likes to molest the Juniors.... 8D *bricked* Overall, both boys have the best smiles, cutest personalities, and sexiest shirtless pics everrrr!


Day 3: Your favorite j-drama

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge/Wallflower/Perfect Girl Evolution

I love this drama. Everything from the cast, the story, and even Hiroshi-kun. xD

I'm not entirely sure what this is my fav though. It wasn't completely AMAZING, but it entertained me. I was always so excited to see the next episode. This was a drama I watched as it came out. So the anticipation was there, I guess? XD It was funny, angsty, and cute. I loved it!



Day 01 - Favorite Arashi song

Happiness. That song never fails to make me dance. It puts me in a good mood, no matter what. xD Also, the pv is fantastic. xD

Day 02 - A rumour about any of the members that left you an impression

The scandals. I think things get BLOWN out of proportion. The boys should be allowed to have a life. So press? Leave them alone. =[

 This is from someone's LJ: "when i saw the photo scandal of aiba masaki.. it makes me sad.. very disappointed in what i just saw…. i was a very big fan of aiba masaki"

What's wrong with having a gf? Seriously. >.<* Can you really not be a fan of that person because he or she likes someone? That honestly is not fair.

Day 03 - An Ohno picture you can’t take your eyes off


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